Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Monday, six classes to teach, old back injury flared up to the point that I could sit but not stand, walk or demonstrate! You don't realise how much unspoken communication there is in teaching until all you have is the spoken word.  Describing steps or exercises using the same words as normal feel flat and uninspiring without the body movements that I've taken for granted for 25 years.  As a dancer we all 'dance' instruction without realising, the slight use of eye line, the movement of shoulder, the gestures with hands all back up the vocal instruction and add the 'colour'....take away the ability of even turning my head as in last nights classes and the verbal communication suddenly became very different.  Articulation of finer details took so much longer to get across verbally without being able to show line, or breadth of movement.  A new experience trying to explain the concept of turnout to an 8 year old without demonstration!  As my 52 year old body is getting to this 'worn out' stage more frequently and as my old injury incapacitates me to the body of an 80 year old without warning, it's  time to think of new ways to share.  Off to search for 'vocal colour' to help paint the picture my body once drew for me....

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  1. Hi Interesting post about communications. I also find the notion of 'injury' has moved from something I might have and recover from, to something I am working 'with' as a way to understand the changes in my body. It is a different relationship with the idea of injury I have started to develop as I get older.